Be More Productive with Smart Nutrition

Companies and Organizations are learning that having the right Smart Nutrition Program more than pays for itself. Our program:

  • Teaches people how to nourish to thrive and not just eat to survive
  • Helps people perform better on the job
  • Helps people make their work easier and their mood better
  • Improves safety and reduces work site accidents
  • Reduces sick and absentee days
  • Improves employee retention
  • Reduces health care costs

Our Programs:

  • Use Smart Nutrition which has the 4 components of Nutrition, Sleep, Hydration and Physical Activity
  • Were developed by our team of Registered Dietitians, chefs, researchers, writers and videographers
  • Understand that people make emotional decisions and we use the emotional triggers that elicits the desired decisions
  • Have been modified by the feedback surveys from the 25,000 people that have taken our seminars
  • Have been individualized for the specific group we are addressing

We use our unique 4 step process to permanent change:

  • First show people why making these changes will benefits them and solve some of their personal issues
  • Give them a pathway or process to get from where they are to where they want to be
  • Give them the tools to make these changes AND teach them how to use these tools
  • Provide education, motivation and support and these new habits become permanent

We have the following tools to educate and make permanent changes:

  • 45 different Seminars of topics like Food to Reduce Stress, Foods for Better Mental Clarity and How to get through the Holidays. Seminars can be live, Webinar or digital.
  • Creating a Company Food Philosophy Program
  • Change your Company Culture Program
  • Smart Nutrition Workbook
  • Smart Nutrition Cookbook and Meal Planner
  • Spice Secrets for Menu Improvement
  • Cookbooks for Childcare, Schools or Individual Groups
  • Empower12 on line, do at your own pace, 52 week program to change your life
  • Meal Planning
  • Motivational, educational and Cooking Videos
  • Blogs, Articles and Nutrition Tips
  • Recipes and Cooking Advice – How to set up your kitchen for example
  • Conference Keynote Speaker and Break out session seminars

Who do we work with?

  • Large and small companies – Both office staff and manufacturing staff
  • City and County Organizations – We have specialty programs for Firefighters, Police and Public Works
  • Department of Health and Department of Education Groups at various States
  • Childcare Groups – We have done 4 cookbook/meal planners that are CACFP approved recipes and multiple training sessions
  • Schools – Meal program development, Staff training and staff wellness programs
  • Trucking Associations and trucking companies
  • YMCAs and The Boys and Girls Club
  • Health Care Providers – staff wellness and customer content provider

For information on how your group can start leading a better life contact or call 612-207-8135