Be More Productive with Smart Nutrition

Companies and Organizations are learning that having the right Smart Nutrition Program more than pays for itself.

First, knock down the silos of wellness, safety, performance and employee retention. Combine them to go deeper and be smarter with budgets.


Now, Let Your People Know You Care About Them


Use Smart Nutrition to Rebuild Community


Smart Nutrition Benefits for Organizations


Our Programs

Our Unique 4 Step Process

Effective tools to make permanent change

Who do we work with?

  • Large & Small Companies – Both office staff and manufacturing staff
  • City and County Organizations – We have specialty programs for Firefighters, Police and Public Works
  • Department of Health and Department of Education Groups at various States
  • Childcare Groups – We have done 4 cookbook/meal planners that are CACFP approved recipes and multiple training sessions
  • Schools – Meal program development, Staff training and staff wellness programs
  • Trucking Associations and Trucking Companies
  • YMCAs and The Boys and Girls Club
  • Health Care Providers – Staff wellness and customer content provider

For information on how your group can start leading a better life, email or call 612-207-8135