There is a saying “Old ways won’t open new doors”. When it comes to taking care of oneself with food, our Smart Nutrition philosophy has helped shatter old ways for many people and has opened new doors for them for positive life style changes.   Think about it. The right foods can help reduce stress, reduce body pain, improve mental clarity and more. The wrong foods, do just the opposite.

We hear it all the time from people, “I want to lose some weight, what should I do?” In response to this we recently published The No-Diet Weight Loss Workbook.  We understand that the world is full of diets that don’t work and often put people’s health at risk. People just want something that will allow them to succeed! The Four Pillars on which this workbook is built are so powerful that you just know this time you will lose the weight and keep it off.
Our Four Pillars of Truth are as follows:

  1. Permanent weight loss only occurs when you permanently change your lifestyle. The No-Diet lifestyle is not a temporary change that allows you to go back to your old eating and drinking habits.
  2. Long term, no amount of physical activity can overcome bad eating habits. Meaning, one cannot exercise his/her way out of a bad diet.
  3. Not all calories are equal. Learn to avoid those calories that cause you to gain weight.
  4. Making good food decisions on your own is the heart of permanent weight loss. If you plan to buy meals from a weight loss program, you should expect to buy their food for the rest of your life.

If you are not ready to accept these four truths, you are better off doing nothing at all. The No-Diet lifestyle is an easy, step-by-step approach to a better life and a better you. Get started today.