Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween and kids will have fun being ghouls and ghosts in neighborhoods everywhere trying to load up on their share of treats. How about rethinking this word…"treat”? At some point, treat became synonymous with candy, and while sweet candy treats are fun in moderation, there are so many other treats that kids will enjoy just as much, without reinforcing this idea of over-indulgence in sugary sweetness. 

How about providing some fun and tasty alternatives for kids this Halloween season? Here are some food and non-food ideas of mine that will make great treats for your little monsters this Halloween. 

  • Pumpkin seeds, trail mix, popcorn balls, pretzels, granola/cereal bars, and yogurt covered raisins and nuts are readily available packaged for grab-n-go snacking. These items are not only yummy and delicious but they’ll give kids the nutrition and necessary energy needed to blanket the blocks Halloween night.
  • How about handing out toys that promote fun activities from fitness to arts and crafts? Things like hacky sacks, jump rope, bouncy balls, side walk chalk, playing cards, paint brushes, coloring pages, and bubbles are great items that you can purchase at any party/paper warehouse store.

It seems that sugary candies, chews, and gummy things are available at children’s fingertips every day; making celebratory food treats less of a "treat." By rethinking how we define "treat" we can shape attitudes and put that element of "special" back into the word.

What would you add? Please share in the comments. 


Photo Credit: wwarby, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons license.