Here's some simple tips to keep you feeling good during the holiday festivities:

1.) Eat before you go to the party. At least you'll be full when you go and be less likely to mindfully graze.

2.) During a party, have conversations away from the food platters.  

3.) When bringing a food item to a party, consider a fruit and/or vegetable salad. Pomagranates are a bonus. Showcase fresh citrus and light dressings to shake things up. There'll already be plenty of sweets and savories. Folks will appreciate a light and energizing alternative.

4.) While enjoying holiday treats, pace yourself and pause 5 minutes after every item. Or to make this easier, focus on the conversation you're having.  If you eat slower, you'll be less likely to over eat.

5.) Don't be thirsty at the party. First satisfy your thirst with a glass of water or other non-calorie drink. 


Get healthy cooking alternatives for the holiday, I wrote, here. 


Pop Quiz:  Which beverage is the lowest in calories?  a-Nonalcoholic fruit punch, b-egg nog, or c-red wine?




a – the typical nonalcoholic fruit punch will have 115 calories per cup. 5 oz of red wine will have 120, and a cup of eggnog will have 225.