Thanks for tuning in today! Chef and Jason talked about making nourishing root vegetable dishes that kids will enjoy.  These recipes are easy and yet so tasty.  Watch the fun segment and get the recipes at the links here:

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Winter Root Vegetable Slaw

Root Chips with Lime-Yogurt Dip

If you are wondering how to get kids to eat more nourishing foods, parents have a huge influence on their children, so here are some ways to make eating nourishing foods fun and easy:

  • Parents, be role models, and eat nourishing foods. Your children are watching carefully so skip the junk food and fast food. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Have meals together, without any distractions. Music is fine, but skip the television/video/smartphones. This allows everyone to focus on the food and the relationships at the table.
  • Don’t make a big deal in public about what your child eats or doesn’t eat—save that conversation for behind closed doors. This is often when “picky eater” issues start. For the most part, “picky eaters” are created and perpetrated by parents who draw too much attention to whether kids are trying new foods. When labeled as a picky eater, they behave accordingly, rather than quietly trying something new even though they first said no. If they see their parents eating and enjoying it, they will be curious. Remember that children need to try foods multiple times before they decide they like them.
  • Offer a variety of nourishing foods for kids to try, and expect to have left-overs. Chef Marshall does batch cooking for his family on the weekends, serves food family-style from bowls on the table so it’s easy to sample things, and they eat what was cooked throughout the week, adding other dishes as needed as the week goes on.