Thanks for tuning in! Chef Marshall was excited to showcase one of his favorite local farms, Sunshine Harvest Farms, and their tasty chickens. Try these great, easy recipes if you want to cook once and eat twice: Buttermilk-Brined Chicken and Braised Chicken with Apples.

Wondering about buying and eating local foods? Whether it’s delicious meats or fresh, seasonal produce from a local farmer, there are some major benefits from consuming local products:

  • It can save you money
  • It supports your local economy
  • The food is likely more nutritious – food starts to lose nutritional value as soon as it is harvested, so the faster it gets from the farm to your table, the more benefit you get from the food
  • It gives you a chance to try new foods
  • Farmers can give you tips on how to prepare seasonal produce
  • You know where and how your food was grown
  • There is less pollution from shipping shorter distances, so it is better for the environment