When it comes to kitchen safety, good habits are key, especially if one has kids giving a helping hand. Remember these tips to keep yourself and everyone else safe in the kitchen.

With pots on the stove, turn and keep handles out of reach, and off to the side. The best habit you can develop is to turn pot handles away from the front of the stove and use only the back burners whenever possible. Turning the handles backwards keeps pans out of reach of toddlers, thus protecting them from hot cooking devices and food from falling directly onto upturned faces.

While cooking on the stove, use a pot holder or oven mitt to hold the pot handle when stirring the pot to prevent burns. Do not stand with your face over a pot when you are taking the pot cover off. The steam that accumulates, can blow up in your face resulting in burns.

When pan frying or sauteing, use caution when placing food to be cooked in pan as hot oil/butter can splatter and burn. Lay food down into the pan away from you to prevent hot oil/butter from splattering toward you.  Don't hover over the frying pan as stuff can splatter and cause serious burns if not careful.

When something is in the oven ready to be checked on or removed after it's cooked, be cautious when opening the oven door. If you position yourself too close to the door when you open it, the heat or even sometimes steam from the oven can hit you in the face and cause serious burns.

Also keep a fire extinguisher handy, and know first-aid in case you get burned while cooking.

Following these tips while cooking will make one's cooking experience  much more enjoyable for everyone at the table.