In today’s schools, both students and parents expect that the food served will look good, sound good and taste great. Smart seasoning plays a critical role in meeting those expectations. Chef Marshall O’Brien has been partnering with school nutrition departments to enhance their meal programs for several years. During almost every week of the school year, he is busy in school kitchens training staff and helping revise and update recipes. He also works with students because studies show that when children are involved in the meal program and are excited about the food that is served, participation goes up and waste goes down—every school nutrition director’s dream!

Out of those experiences, Chef Marshall created this book to make it easy for school nutrition professionals to prepare child-pleasing entrees, side dishes and desserts. Spice Secrets provides detailed information about which herbs and spices enhance the meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, beans and grains that school nutrition professionals work with every day. Cross-referenced lists, charts and the index make that information easy to find and use.

A special feature of Spice Secrets is a collection of recipes for herb and spice blends that can be easily prepared in large quantities to speed daily food preparation. Beyond helping enhance flavor, appearance and satisfaction with school meals, Spice Secrets assists school cook staff in complying with the federal government’s requirement to control sodium levels in school meals by minimizing salt and enhancing flavor with herbs and spices.

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