Smart Nutrition to Help Pregnant Women and New Moms

The Chef Marshall O’Brien Group has worked with a broad variety of clients to help improve their health by creating smart nutrition plans tailored to meet their specific needs: families, school meal programs, office workers, factory workers, teachers and school professionals, fire departments, public works, the trucking industry and others.

Now we have a wonderful opportunity to help pregnant women and new mothers help themselves and their new babies  live to their full potential, both mentally and physically, with Smart Nutrition.

Expectant mothers: Most expectant mothers realize the dangers to their baby of smoking, alcohol, and drugs while they are pregnant, but it is a smaller number who realize that how they nourish themselves greatly affects how their baby develops and what future food preferences their baby has. Most would change their personal food habits if they realized the long-term effects this has on their child.

Postpartum moms: Many do not realize that, after the baby is delivered, postpartum mothers may experience depression and lack of energy as they care for their newborn and their bodies recover from the pregnancy. Postpartum moms who follow a Smart Nutrition plan can experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced depression
  • More energy
  • Better body recovery
  • Quality milk production

Newborns: During their first months, a newborn is well nourished on a diet of breast milk or formula. At about six months, mothers start to introduce solid food into their baby’s diet and too often this baby food is high in sugar and sodium which is not optimal for their development and can lead to preferences for these foods that are not the best long-term choices.

With proper knowledge and helpful nutrition tools most Mothers would make different nutrition decisions for their child. A Smart Nutrition food plan for the baby as they move from breast milk or formula to solid foods will provide maximum nutrition for baby’s physical and mental development and help minimize early preferences for sugar and sodium.

The Chef Marshall O’Brien group is excited to be working on this program in collaboration with UCare this year. Among the program components is a cookbook that focuses on recipes that meet the nutrition needs of pregnant mothers, postpartum mothers and their babies.