With the new year just around the corner, another holiday season is almost over. If you are the typical American, you went to a lot of parties and family functions, had fun but ate too much, and put on 3-5 extra pounds. You will wake up New Year’s Day and set lofty goals to make major changes in your life, but by the end of January, your ambitious plans will be sitting in the corner gathering dust. Sound familiar?
This year, try something different. Instead of starting the latest fad diet, change your life style. Work on one or two small things that you know you can commit to doing. A good start might be to read food labels and avoid buying items that have more than 10 grams of sugar or more than 5 familiar-sounding ingredients. Try to minimize consumption of fast carbs (processed food) and eat more slow carbs (fruits, vegetables and whole grains). Replace ice cream with frozen blueberries. Drink that evening cocktail only on weekends.

It is all about baby steps that you know you can handle. Start with just one thing. When you master that, make a second change. This will help you to build your confidence and stay on track. Remind yourself that this is not a temporary diet, but a permanent lifestyle change. It will take longer to lose that 3-5 pounds, but because you will have adopted new habits, the pounds will stay off.

Come January, remember: It’s all about taking baby steps toward a new you. You will love the way you feel!