Have More Freedom with a Personal Chef

Why Hire Chef Marshall?

“When it comes to healthy cooking Chef Marshall provides a dynamic and delicious point of view. His approachable demeanor and intelligent food facts make for a great combination that audiences appreciate. You can always count on Chef Marshall to bring the dish.” – Fox 9 Morning Buzz

An innovator in Health and Wellness, regular on television, published author, nutritional wellness expert and chef, Marshall O’Brien is the trusted resource for smart nutrition solutions in the Minnesota twin cities metro area. Chef Marshall helps busy professionals have freedom by saving their time (and their health!) by providing great tasting and truly nourishing ready to heat and eat meals.

When it comes to food, he and his teams’ philosophy focuses on the benefits people can achieve like having less stress, less body-pain, more energy, less headaches, by providing the nutrients missing from most people’s Western diets. Simply put, the Chef Marshall O’Brien is Nutrition on a Mission!

What’s Your Time Worth?

Chef Marshall recognizes that busy professionals are just that, busy. The last thing highly productive people want to deal with is having to decide what to cook, shop, and prepare meals on a regular basis.  Having your meals ready for you is a big time saver.

For only $379 Chef Marshall will save you 7 hours a week – that’s 28 hours a month, wow!

What’s that worth to you?

What You Get

Organic, Whole30 compliant, anti-inflammatory and autoimmune friendly meals made from scratch delivered to your door.

Meal examples:

Stuff Acorn Squash with Italian Sausage and Kale
Broiled Salmon with Cilantro Green Sauce
Balsamic Shrimp with Sauteed Carrots and Parsnips
Sheet Pan Greek Chicken
Rosemary Pork with Beets & Sweets
Beef Stew

Call 651-587-7274 or email Chef Marshall at chefmarshall@chefmarshallobrien.com to meet and discuss how he can help you.

Specifics on service:

• Each week meals are prepared then delivered to your home/office chilled and packed in an insulated container.

• The standard delivery is 5 meals (2 servings per/10 servings total) a week based from a predetermined cycle menu.

• You can sign up per week or per month. If you sign up per month, you save 10% off the cost.

• You’ll receive an email in advance with the upcoming menu so you can confirm/order for the upcoming week.

• Meals are generally delivered Tuesday or Wednesday.

• Weekly flat rate cost – $379 covers planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, delivery, and food cost.

• Delivery within 30 minutes of Hwy 394 & Hwy 100 for $379 rate

• One-time cost for Pyrex glass containers approximately $60.

• Each meal includes an ingredient list and heating instructions.

Call 651-587-7274 or email Chef Marshall at chefmarshall@chefmarshallobrien.com to meet and discuss how he can help you.