What do Julia Childs, Jamie Oliver, and Alice Waters have in common? They engage their audience.

What’s the connection with engagement and employee wellness programs? Employee wellness programs will not be effective without people truly connecting to the message of healthy eating.

Julia Childs was a pioneer in illustrating cooking in a simple and fun fashion. She was fearless and her easy attitude connected her audience.  Jamie Oliver with his charismatic personality and “real guy” approach has helped adults, teens, and kids really connect with food. Alice Waters has led the charge for decades in creating a community consciousness about food, making the local sustainable food movement a national focus.

Engagement seems to pay off in other areas too. The smoking cessation and physical activity components use e engagement tools to help facilitate long term positive change. More and more companies and health care providers are tackling these issues through their health and wellness programs and initiatives. Many are engaging their employees around how to quit smoking, being more active and incorporating healthier foods into their diet.

Engaging chefs can inspire long term healthy eating habits beyond the workplace.

In the US, the 30’s generations and younger may not have the cooking skills and food understanding as their elders. Telling people what to eat is part of the equation. Providing them multiple resources to learn how to prepare, answer questions and be to engaged with what they’re experiencing is the other half of the equation. Both of these pieces help them be on their way to healthier long term change.

When it comes to changing behavior, an engaging chef provides a compelling approach to deliver the delicious goods.