Nourish to Thrive, Don’t just Eat to Survive

When you Nourish you:

  • Perform, feel and look your best
  • Improve your Quality of Life
  • Extend your life

When you do this for your Family:

  • Your Children grow and develop to their full potential
  • Your Family greatly increases their Quality of Life
  • You teach them a life lesson that will stay with them for the rest of their life

This is so important because:

  • 80% of all deaths are caused by Chronic Inflammation
  • 90% of all Chronic diseases are caused by our life style decisions
  • Once you get a Chronic disease it usually cannot be reversed
  • Chronic diseases are the primary reason for our reduction in our quality of life
  • By learning how to make better life style choices most of these issues disappear

The Chef Marshall Smart Nutrition Program helps People and Families to start making those changes in their life that allows them to start leading a happier, more fulfilling life. We have the following tools to help you make this journey:

  • Smart Nutrition Workbook
  • Smart Nutrition Cookbook and Meal Planner
  • No Diet Weight Loss Book
  • Empower12 on line, do at your own pace, 52 week program to change your life
  • Meal Planning
  • Videos on Smart Nutrition and Cooking
  • Blogs and Articles on What actions will change your life and How to do it