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A Good Immune System Is Your Best Friend

Whether it’s coronavirus, influenza or just a cold, a healthy immune system is one of our best assets in the fight to stay healthy Chef Marshall teaches this in his live seminars and is taking this message to video to help spread the knowledge to you and your employees who are socially distancing.

Our three video Improve Your Immune System series focuses on:

        • Foods to Improve your Immune System
        • Foods for Good Gut Health – 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut
        • Foods to Reduce Stress – stress is a major contributor to reducing your immune system

Each video is about 20 minutes with a discussion and cooking demonstration. Videos include supplemental:

        • Pdf article for each video topic
        • Pdf of 4 recipes for each video topic

Organizations/companies would own the videos which could be used as often as needed. We ask that the use of these videos be limited to employees and their families.

Webinar on the topic can also be provided as a follow up to the videos.

This is an efficient, economical solution that every organization needs in these trying times.

By acquiring these videos you show your employees that you care and are proactive. And they can be used again this fall with flu season and with new employees.

If you want your company to provide this, have your wellness director contact us.

For more information contact or call 612-207-8135