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Presentations – Webinars – 60 minutes, 45 topics, attendees receive 2-page article and 4 recipes on the topic and Chef demonstrates how to prepare 1 or 2 of the recipes so attendees can see how easy it is. Question-and-answer through chat box or microphone (depending on group size) is encouraged.

Community Webinars – 60 minutes, 35 topics. Chef reviews topic in the first 15-20 minutes and the remainder of the time is spent answering attendee questions on personal and family nutrition, cooking, etc.

Videos – 25 -30 minutes on a topic such as Stress Reduction, Improving Your Immune System, etc. The company purchases these videos and can use them internally.

“Fuel Your Body” bundle – This is a 5-video series. It includes a short teaser video, a video on The Importance of Nourishing and Not Just Eating, and videos on breakfast, lunch and snacks (5-10 minutes each). It also includes nine recipes – three with each meal. The company can use these videos for future internal use.

Chef Marshall Nutrition Tips – These 2-4-minute videos cover specific topics like good vs. bad cooking oils, getting through the holidays, hydrating foods, etc. There are currently 52 topics. The company keeps these videos for future use internally.

Chef Marshall Minute – One-minute videos that make people aware of what nutritional changes they should make to help them have a better quality of life. These videos focus on awareness more than on how to make changes. There are 52 videos in the series.

Corporate Wellness Package – This package includes developing a corporate nutrition philosophy, doing a food audit on every place food touches the company, developing company food guidelines, suppling a 4-page nutrition plan for each unique group (office workers, customer service, warehouse, management, etc.) and 4 webinars/seminars.


This program is customized to meet your organizations needs and desires. Below is an example of what it would look like:

Kick-off Program

Educates the group about how to improve your job safety and performance and make better decisions by using Smart Nutrition to nourish yourself. The webinar provides tools and tips for success and handout PDFs for future reference. (Multiple sessions may be needed for larger organizations)


  1. Kick-off webinar (1-hour) – Chef Marshall hosts a session that includes a 45-minute video about Smart Nutrition for employees and answers participants’ questions submitted during and after the group watches the video.
  2. Handout PDFs (for internal use by your group members):
  3. 4- page program reference sheet designed specifically for employees/staff
  4. Delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes with ingredients designed to improve health, such as reduce stress, improve mental clarity, boost your immune system, for example
  5. 4-recipe sheet with meal and snack recipes

Monthly Reinforcement

  1. Chef Marshall Tips Videos – 2-3 minutes each (Your organization owns the videos for your future internal use)
  2. Quarterly Program Buy-in and Feedback sessions
  3. 1-hour webinar with 15 minutes on an focused topic, followed by 45 minutes for questions and concerns from participants
  4. Training New Team Members
  5. Video from the kick-off program packaged in 8-12 minute segments (Your organization owns the videos for your future internal use)

Additional tools

  1. Recipes for On-the-Job Meals and Snacks – 20-recipe PDF (for internal use)
  2. Reference sheet: Food Options When Eating On-the-Go (for internal use)
  3. Chef Marshall Smart Nutrition Workbook – Provides a roadmap for implementing Smart Nutrition changes
  4. Chef Marshall Smart Nutrition Cookbook and Meal Planner

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