Chef Marshall volunteered his time to help a Girl Scout troop work on their cooking badges – it was a blast! The girls had the opportunity to work on many cooking skills, including knife skills, understanding flavors and textures, making homemade sauces, and understanding how Smart Nutrition can help people have a better quality of life. Special thanks to Lord of Life Church for hosting the evening in their kitchen: it was a perfect venue for the troop. The troop made a Pita Chicken BLT Lettuce Pita, and a decadent dessert, Roasted Grapes with Honey, Chocolate and Yogurt. There were even some parents who participated! The troop had a great time, earned their badges, and walked away with a new awareness about the important role food plays in their lives. Some of the parents were surprised when they learned that many of the foods they think are nourishing (aka “healthy”) are actually not the best choices for their kids. Learn more about how food affects children’s behavior here.