Kitchen Tips:

It’s grilling season, so here are a few tips that can greatly increase your odds for grilling success.
  • A properly preheated grill is key, whether you are using gas or charcoal. This will ensure that your meat, fish, vegetables, or whatever it is that you are cooking will get seared on the outside, be more moist on the inside, and stick to the grill less.
  • Direct vs. indirect cooking: If what you are grilling will take more than 20 minutes to cook, consider searing and then using indirect heat (coals off to one side or half of gas grill turned off) to ensure that it cooks through without burning.
  • Put a lid on it and flip it once. To ensure optimal flavor and texture, cover the grill and cook the meat on one side and flip it once to finish cooking. Opening the grill to turn the meat multiple times will compromise the texture and slow the cooking process.
  • For optimal flavor and moistness, let your meat rest for about 10 minutes after cooking for the juices to be reabsorbed.