To make the pizza on the Grill:
Take a cookie sheet and stretch out dough as much as possible, say 9 x 13, or the size of your cookie sheet. The thinner you stretch it, the crispy and thinner it will be once grilled. Liberally brush dough with oil, while stretching it out.
Heat your grill on high, make sure it is very clean. Oil the grill as well. Once grill is hot, carefully remove dough from cookie sheet, and place just the dough on hot grill top. The hot grill will “sear” the dough, creating a crust. It will begin to rise as well. Let the dough sit and cook, checking the bottom of the dough periodically, this should take just a couple of minutes about 3. Once you have nice grill marks on the bottom and it is crispy looking, carefully flip over following the same process.
Once your pizza bottom gets crispy and dark, turn down the grill heat to medium, so the crust doesn’t completely char. You can put the toppings in the reverse order if you wish, or assume a “normal” assemble for the ingredients, starting with the sauce, then cheese, then remaining toppings. Let pizza cook and finish the crust getting it very crispy. Carefully take off the grill, and place it on a cutting board, cut up and enjoy!