Whether you are watching the game at home or are heading to a friend’s or family member’s home, you

are going to want plenty of tasty snacks. The Big Game party is one of those times when most of us

waver from our usual diets and consume more rich, high calorie foods in just a few hours than we

normally would in an entire day. Most of these foods are loaded with salt, preservatives and other

added ingredients that leave you feeling bloated and tired, not just on game day but possibly for several

days afterwards, too. You may feel inflammation from the unwanted sugar and unhealthy fats, have

digestive issues due to the high fat content and lack of fiber, be dehydrated from lack of water and have

brain fog from processed packaged foods that are lacking in nutrients. If you don’t want a food

“hangover,” consider adding some tasty game day recipes that will keep you awake and feeling great

during and after the game. Here are some simple suggestions to enhance your game day festivities.


  • Hummus is an easy, handy dip. You can make your own or buy a simple version from the store.For a warm dip, try baking it and topping it with chopped tomatoes, avocado and sliced green

    onions before serving. Add some hot sauce for extra zip.

  • If your recipe calls for sour cream, use plain Greek yogurt instead. Its flavor and texture aresimilar and it is higher in protein, contains good probiotics and is lower in fat.
  • Salsas are another game day staple. Try making your own and forgo the store-bought versionsthat can be high in sugar and added preservatives. Personalize it by adding cooked beans or, for

    a sweeter flavor note, add mango and/or pineapple.

  • Chips and crackers are satisfyingly crunchy, but often provide unwanted salt and other addedpreservatives and fillers. Instead, make your own chips using pita or corn tortillas. You can also

    serve fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers for some good crunch. There

    are many vegetables you can slice thinly and bake as chips. Try kale, zucchini or yams. Just toss

    the thin slices with a little olive oil and sea salt and roast them on a parchment- or foil-lined

    sheet pan and you will have a bowl of delicious, unique chips.

  • Quinoa is high in protein and fiber, and a great addition to many recipes. Add it to soups, chiliand salads along with some herbs and spices. Foods like quinoa help improve mental clarity–

    maybe the referees should eat this before the game!

  • Use lean ground turkey or chicken in place of high-fat ground beef when making meatballs andother dishes.
  • Alternate between sipping sparkling water and the alcoholic beverages many of us consume atgame day parties. Try flavoring the sparkling water with lemon, lime or other fruit flavors; it will

    help you stay hydrated and help your body process all the food you eat.

  • Consider scaling back on the brownies and cookies and satisfy your craving for sweets with fruit-based dishes such as fruit kebobs, parfaits and smoothies.


Everyone gets excited about trying new things. Use Game Day as an opportunity to introduce your

family and friends to new and delicious foods that will have a positive flavor impact, increase their

overall enjoyment of the Big Game and leave them feeling better the next day, too. Why not take it

beyond Game Day, and feel great every day? Game on!