Fresh Strawberry Prep Tips

Kitchen Tips:

With strawberries coming into season this month, purchase locally grown fruit at a roadside stand or farmers market. They are amazing—store-bought berries aren’t nearly as tasty! Prep fresh strawberries the easy way – with a straw and egg slicer. What?!? You read that correctly. And it’s kid-friendly if younger children are helping.

To prep berries to freeze for later use, the traditional method is to wash them, dry them as completely as possible and hull them with a knife, but we recommend you try using the drinking straw method of hulling:  First, fluff up the leaves so they’re not flat against the top of the strawberry. Then gently but firmly insert a drinking straw into the bottom of the berry and push up to remove the hull and leaves. Now you’re ready to slice. Use a sturdy egg slicer and you will be able to slice the berries very quickly with minimal effort.