Empower12 – 12 months of smart nutrition, powered by you!

Feel the best you ever have 😃 Take control of your life 🙌 Do it at your own pace 🏃

Why this matters – 

The Empower12 process – 

Finally – a COMPLETE program that changes your life using Smart Nutrition!

Smart Nutrition is a program of nutrition, sleep, hydration and physical activity that totally reinvents your life. No matter your motivation – wanting to decrease inflammation, lose a few pounds, be less dependent on medications – we provide you with a process to make the changes you want. We give you the tools to help you along the way. Every step of the way.

  • We show you the pathway to get you from where you are to where you want to be using Chef Marshall’s Smart Nutrition Workbook.
  • We supply you with the tools to help you along your journey with Chef Marshall’s Smart Nutrition Cookbook & Meal Planner.
  • We give you 52 weeks of consistent support, including coaching, tips, recipes and motivation to keep you on track, emailed to you by Chef Marshall.

Follow this program and you will love the way you feel!