Chef Marshall Around Town:

Employee Appreciation Event– A few weeks ago, Chef Marshall was a part of a metro business’s employee appreciation day where he talked about the importance of using nutrition to increase employees’ safety and enjoyment on the job while also improving mood and performance. It all starts with a company food philosophy.

More and more companies are starting to recognize that, when their employees are happy and healthy, the work culture is better and performance improves. A simple way to support employees is to establish an environment that promotes improving their quality of life. When an environment supports nourishing and not just feeding, the benefits can be immediate. For example, office support people can focus better, customer service can be more effective in dealing with customer problems and complaints, managers can make better decisions, factory workers can be safer on the job, etc.

Forward-thinking companies are using a food philosophy that guides them wherever food touches the company, from meetings to vending machines. This is simple, quick and inexpensive to implement.  Learn how you can incorporate a food philosophy at your company and gain this legitimate advantage within your industry.