Tired of the same old lunches? Here are some practical tips for both kids and adults to add some nutritious, decliciousness into every-day lunches for work or school.

Make your sandwhich something to smile about: 

  • Use whole grain bread or wh ole whete pita bread or rolls when preparing sandwiches. Make it extra fun for kids by cutting the bread into different shapes with cookie cutters. 
  • When packing lunch, place lettuce and tomato separately to avoid sogginess, and assemble just before eating.

Fun fruits and veggies: 

  • Pre-chopped or sliced carrots and cut-up bell peppers or broccoli are always easy to munch on – they make great snacks, too! 
  • Include some bite-size fruits such as banana, apple, grapes, blueberries or strawberries, and a cup of yogurt. Dried fruit, which contains just as many vitamins as raw fruit (just eat half as much since it’s more concentrated), is a great lunch option because it doesn't get squished when packed the way fresh fruit can. 

More than just a sandwhich: 

  • Lunch can be more than just a sandwich. Leftovers from dinner, or cereal are just as delicious.
  • Cook twice as much for dinner, and then package and freeze portions to eat another day for lunch.
  • Make a delicious pizza for lunch using a bagel or English muffin for the crust, and then add tomato sauce, cheese and vegetables.

It's all in the preparation:

  • Want to pack a lunch you're sure your kids will eat? Pique their curiosity by having them help you prepare meals, such as measuring, chopping slicing, and even during grocery shopping. Give them ownership in planning a meal once a week.


What are some of your favorite lunch options or tips? Please share!