Cooking Fish on the Grill

People want to grill fish, but many are apprehensive because they don’t want to wreck it, having it fall apart into the fire. Well, have no fear. If you have a bit of patience, it's a piece of cake. The keys to successfully grilling fish are pretty simple: Hot, oiled, grill. That's pretty much it.


Here's the deal. Have your cut of fish,  rub a little olive oil on it, then add your seasonings if you're not marinating it. Once your grill is hot, and you've cleaned it via a grill brush, wipe the grate with a oiled towel, so it's obviously been lubed with oil. Then place your fish on the grill and let it sit and sizzle for a couple minutes. This will ensure that the fish sets up nicely, and is able to be flipped in one piece when ready. After a couple minutes you'll see the edges of the fish starting to look cooked as it's changing color. At this point, gently slide your spatula underneath the fish (or pick it up with tongs if you're able). If it doesn't easily lift off the grill, stop, and let it sit for a minute longer. Assuming it does lift off the grill easily, flip it over and within another few minutes, your fish should be ready to go…


Different types of fish, thicknesses and cuts will call for longer or shorter cooking times, and techniques. What are you cooking? Please let me know, leaving me a comment or question, or tell me on Facebook, and you'll be grilling in no time. Thanks!

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