Look & Cook Cookbook – Meal Planning

Meal Planning Made Simple.

Have your meals planned for the entire year with simple recipes all in one cook book. Every childcare provider knows that feeding their kids healthy meals that meet CACFP regulations is necessary in order to get their meal reimburse funds. Meal planning, however, takes a lot of work and time that most providers just don’t have. Now there is a simple solution – the Look & Cook cookbook plans out your entire year.

This great cookbook has a 4 week cycle menu that covers breakfast, snack and lunch. And there are four cycle menus – one for each season. Plus there are recipes for each item with step by step pictures on how to make them. The recipes are simple, quick and delicious. They offer 16 weeks of lunches (4 weeks per season) and 8 weeks of breakfasts and snacks (2 weeks per season). At the end of each cycle, you simply start again at the beginning.


Each recipe has a chart at the bottom of the page that details the serving size of the entire menu for Toddlers, Pre-School and School Age kids so you know exactly how much to serve to be compliant.

All recipes were developed under the new CACFP regulations.

All recipes have step by step pictures showing how to make the recipe.

And this amazing cookbook is only $30.

You will soon realize how simple meal planning can be.