For Valentine’s Day, people often exchange cards, gifts and flowers with their special “someone.” What will you do this year? Unfortunately, if you want to go out for dinner, many restaurants narrow their menu selections and increase their prices substantially. It can be stressful to get a reservation, show up on time and hope that they aren’t sold out of the entree you’d like to try. Why not dine at home this year? Spend a quiet, romantic evening with your sweetheart, enjoying good food and conversation.

Keep it simple and fresh and think bright colors and lots of flavor. After all, good food is based on simple, fresh ingredients. When I think of valentines and colors, I think of pink and red. A few ideas to consider:

There are so many options. Choose your favorite ingredient and go from there. Grill or bake your favorite meat or fish and serve it with roasted vegetables and a fresh green salad. You can find lots of recipe ideas on our website. Here are some things to consider to help make your Valentine’s Day dinner easy and fun:

  • Plan your menu and do your shopping ahead of time so you can enjoy the evening.
  • Consider getting someone to watch the kids.
  • Prep some of the food the night before—wash and cut the vegetables and marinate the meat.
  • Set the table ahead of time using your favorite dinnerware to make it creative and fun.

Surprise your sweetheart with their favorite dish or cook together if you both enjoy that. Spending quality time together is the goal. Dessert is a favorite on this special holiday. Keep it simple and make it in advance. Here is a recipe for Dark Chocolate Yogurt Dip, perfect with big, juicy strawberries.

Make your Valentine’s Day memorable with great food, great company and no noisy, overcrowded, restaurant hassles. It can be simple and fun!