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  • #4 Chef Marshall Show 10-4-18

    Pilot show 4: PICKY EATER PROBLEMS? Watch and get help. Learn simple, quick and delicious recipes and how Smart Nutrition can improve your day and life. Recipes and links in show description below. Get today’s recipe: http://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/pork-tenderloin-brussels-s…/ and http://chefmarshallobrien.com/reci…/roasted-delicata-squash/ Order Chef’s popular cookbook and Meal Planner (this has the tools to help you): http://www.smartnutritioncookbook.com Get […]

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  • Fox9 Buzz – Winter Squash Recipes

    ICYMI: Easy and tasty winter squash recipes. Check them out below the video- Spicy Butternut Squash Soup Puree, Stuffed Acorn Squash with Italian Sausage and Kale, and Apple Delicata Squash Crisp. Super tasty – enjoy!   Get Chefs Smart Nutrition Cookbook & Meal Planner to get some great tasting recipes, and some sanity https://chefmarshallobrien.com/buy-books/ Spicy […]

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  • Star Tribune – Chef Marshall O’Brien has a new cookbook and healthy living streaming show

    CELEBRITIES Chef Marshall O’Brien has a new cookbook and healthy living streaming show Between promoting a new book, “The Smart Nutrition Cookbook and Meal Planner,” and a Facebook Live streaming show, O’Brien doesn’t have time to be taken down by a bug. OCTOBER 2, 2018 — 6:11PM C.J.@DISHCENTRAL Chef Marshall O’Brien has too many irons in […]

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  • Fox9 Morning – Easy Holiday Dishes for Parties

    It’s the time of year for holiday parties. Save yourself some headache, and belly ache, by preparing some easy-to-make, tasty and truly nourishing dishes for those upcoming festivities. Try some of Chef Marshall’s favorites below. Wondering how to survive the holidays? It’s pretty easy as Chef Marshall’s blog post explains. Happy Holidays! Citrus Roasted Potatoes […]