Recently Chef Marshall appeared on “A Public Health Journal” with Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Minnesota Commissioner or Health, to discuss their shared goal of improving the health of Minnesotans. It is important to send a consistent message about smart nutrition, and doing so by using a community-wide approach to wellness will have a greater impact, at a lower cost, for all involved.
The two discussed working with entire communities: schools, childcare facilities, corporations, community education, public works, fire departments, police and other groups. Like the Minnesota Department of Health, our group recognizes that in order to effectively support a community, the community itself must set the big picture goals; our role at the Chef Marshall O'Brien group is to serve as a resource in helping achieve those goals. Delivering the right message is essential for getting people engaged and that message needs to be consistent across all groups in the community.
It was a privilege and a great pleasure to share with the Commissioner how we in the Chef Marshall group are working to help improve the nutrition and wellness of communities across Minnesota.  “A Public Health Journal” is broadcast on MCN Channel 6.