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    veggie-story-header - hennepin county public health

    I was stunned to learn that according to the Minnesota Department of Health, the obesity epidemic is costing Minnesota $3 billion per year. Wow!  Hennepin County Public Health wrote a story, below, about what our group is doing to help change reverse this epidemic. Veggie Love – By Lori Imsdahl This story begins in a […]

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  • The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners

    A can of sugar being poured into a glass

    Humans are hard-wired to like sweet-tasting foods and beverages. The average American consumes more than 80 grams (20 teaspoons) of sugar every day, far exceeding the World Health Organization recommendations (24 grams/day for women and 36 grams/day for men). As more people recognize the negative consequences of sugar, many look to artificial sweeteners to reduce […]