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Supersize is Not Your Friend

It's tempting to take the "value" or "super" size, but the truth is, these portions are far bigger than what your body really needs. If you eat healthy portion sizes on a regular basis, your body will be satisfied. It's the brain that tells us we want more, not our stomach.   


Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Craving a sweet snack? Consider the natural sweetness of fruit.  In addition to natural sweetness, fruit provides a great source of nutrients. Fresh strawberries over vanilla yogurt, for example, can satisfy the sweet tooth as much as ice cream!


Replace a caffeinated pick-me up with a healthy apple…

There are some rumors that an apple has just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The truth is, apples contain no caffeine (great post here on HOWEVER given the high level of natural sugar they contain, apples are a very healthy alternative to caffeine, and a great afternoon pick-me-up. For an added bonus, […]


Shop Smart.

When shopping for food it’s important to go with a plan.  Make a list before hand so you don’t make impulse buys.  Make sure to look at nutritional info on the products your buying and it’s important that you don’t shop hungry.


The Container Tells All

If it is in a box, bag or can there is probably a better option for you to choose.

Foods for mental Clarity

Why most nutrition components in wellness programs taste bland

There are three basic components of a typical wellness program- Smoking Cessation, Physical Activity and Nutrition.  The smoking cessation and physical activity components consistently  engage people to achieve positive long term results. Period.  But with the nutrition component, why isn’t a strategy of consistent, long term engagement used?   9 out of 10 times, there […]

grilling vegetables courtesy serious eats

Summer Sizzling on the Grill

By Marshall O'Brien, written for Produce for Kids The weather is heating up and summer is right around the corner. It’s time for outdoor cooking once again. When it comes to getting kids involved with cooking, grilling offers a great opportunity to experience fruits and vegetables in refreshing new ways. Asparagus, zucchini, and yellow squash […]


Connecting Kids with Grab and Go Snacks

By Marshall O'Brien, written for Produce for Kids   With summer approaching (hopefully), it’s a great time to empower your children to connect with food.  One way you can do this is by showing your kids how to make their own “grab and go” snacks. With this exercise, they’ll become more engaged with what they […]


Fantastic Foods for Fall

By Marshall O’Brien, written for Produce for Kids With autumn, the air is a bit cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and a new crop of fruits and vegetables are in prime season. Apples, cucumbers, and plums are bursting with a variety of colors and textures from ruby reds to pale greens, and from tender […]


The Worst and Best Foods for Kids

Following are ten of the worst and best children's foods, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The Worst: Soda Hamburgers Hot dogs Ice cream Bologna Whole milk American cheese French fries and Tater Tots Pizza loaded with cheese and meat Chocolate bars The Best: Fresh fruits and vegetables (especially carrot sticks, […]

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