Schools and Child Care Facilities


It’s Time for a Lunch Line Revolution

It is important to know lunch is so much more than just a time to feed kids. It’s a time for proving that healthy choices can also taste great if cooked and served in the right way. When done right, delicious and nutritious can be part of the same meal. 

Whether lunch is served at school or a childcare facility, what we feed our kids can improve how they feel, how they learn, and ultimately, who they become. The body becomes wired from birth to age 12 in establishing food preferences, most of which will last a lifetime.  What we serve kids in pre-K and K-5 can determine what and how they eat for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is critical your child gets the right message about nutritious food at an early age.  

For you, increasing the number of kids in your child care program or the number of kids who eat your meals at school is important. Serving food that looks and tastes great can increase participation rates in your program and that means more money for you.

Improved lunch programs are valuable in other ways; with healthy eating also comes the benefit of encouraging calmer kids, which can lead to more effective learning and can make teachers’ jobs easier. 

Our school food enhancement programs aim to revolutionize your cafeteria. Chef Marshall O’Brien can help make your meal program shine by helping you meet USDA regulations, empowering you and  your staff with advanced training, and help develop an outreach program that encourages good eating habits at home to support the good work you are doing during the school day.

We also work with athletic departments to provide high school athletes a nutrition program that gives them a competitive advantage. Contact Us to connect with Chef Marshall O’Brien regarding this program now!