Chef Marshall’s Recipe Index


Apple Delicata Squash Crisp
Apple Grapefruit Greens Salad
Apple-Granola Pancakes
Arugula-Chicken Salad
Asian Jar Salad
Asian Marinated Cucumbers
Asparagus-Broccoli Omelet
Avocado and Grapefruit Salad with Pomegranate
Avocado Shrimp Spring Salad


Baked Eggs with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Baked Eggs, Ham and Spinach
Baked French Toast
Banana Chocolate Flax Seed Smoothie
Basil Pesto
Beef and Okra in Tomato Sauce
Braised Chicken Breasts with Apples
Broiled Salmon with Turmeric Rice
Buttermilk-Brined Chicken
Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Pilaf


Cabbage Salad with Ginger-Miso Dressing
Cajun Spice Blend
Cannellini Bean Dip with Marinated Tomatoes
Cardamom-Ginger Quinoa Bowl
Chicken and Swiss Chard Primavera
Chicken BLT Lettuce Wraps
Chicken Vegetable Primavera
Chicken with Citrus-Fig Salsa
Chicken with Italian Sauce
Chicken-Bok Choy Stir Fry
Chicken, Sweet Potato and Tarragon Stew
Chicken, Wheat Berry and Strawberry Salad
Citrus Oatmeal Parfait
Citrus Roasted Potatoes
Citrus-Grilled Pork
Creamy Avocado-Chicken Salad
Creamy Eggs with Crab and Chives
Creamy Macaroni & Cheese
Cucumber-Dill Salad


Dark Chocolate-Orange Pancakes


Foil-Wrapped Ground Beef and Veggies
French Toast with Maple-Yogurt Sauce
Frosty Banana Pops
Fruity Frozen Pops/Fruity Mint Chiller
Fudgy Brownies with Cherries


Garlic-Ginger Asian Pork
Greek Jar Salad with Chicken
Grilled Chili Shrimp and Pineapple
Grilled Steak and Red Onion Marmalade
Grilled Steak with Caper Vinaigrette
Grilled Swordfish with Fennel Salad


Herbed Salmon Burgers with Dill-Yogurt Sauce
Homemade Greek Yogurt


Layered Chicken and Salsa Tostada
Lemon Fettuccine and Brussels Sprouts
Lentil Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette


Mediterranean Spice Blend
Mini Apple Turkey Burgers
Mushroom and Spring Pea Frittata


Nut Butter Fruit Bunnies


Orange-Citrus Smoothie


Poblano Pepper-Chicken Burgers
Pork Tenderloin and Brussels Sprouts  
Prosciutto-Wrapped Cantaloupe


Quinoa, Sweet Corn and Green Bean Salad


Rainbow Salad
Roasted Beets with Herbed Yogurt
Roasted Carrots with Herbed Goat Cheese and Pesto
Roasted Delicata Squash
Roasted Grapes with Yogurt and Honey
Roasted Romanesco
Roasted Yams with Citrus Dip


Shiitake-Kale Miso Soup
Skillet Chickpeas with Broccoli and Goat Cheese
Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetables
Smokey Baked Chickpeas
Southwest Chicken Quinoa Salad
Spicy Asian Chicken with Kale
Spicy Pinto Bean, Corn and Tomato Salad
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Summer Breakfast Milkshake
Summer Breakfast Oat Bowl
Sweet and Crisp Chopped Salad
Sweet Potato Chili
Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Bean Burgers


Tangy Brussels Sprouts and Apples
Tuna, Braised Greens and Pinto Beans
Turkey-Sweet Potato Hash
Tuscan Bean Soup


Veggie-Goat Cheese Scrambler


Whipped Sorbet
Wild Rice, Mushroom and Egg Muffins


Zesty Zaatar Chicken Legs
Zucchini-Carrot Muffins