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Leverage Tasting Committees

While talking with a cook manager about her experience at a recent food show, she mentioned an observation: She found it interesting that considering she and every other school in the state attending the expo serves kids and teenagers, no kids were at the expo. For a tradeshow focused on buying, preparing and serving food […]


Delicious, Nutritious Lunch Ideas

Tired of the same old lunches? Here are some practical tips for both kids and adults to add some nutritious, decliciousness into every-day lunches for work or school.

frosty banana pops

Recipe:Frosty Banana Pops

To satiate sweet-craving kiddos, ditch the sugary, processed candy and serve nature’s candy as a healthy alternative, like these frozen banana pops.

Chopped Spinach

Add Some Green to Mac And Cheese

Add chopped spinach or steamed broccoli to boxed macaroni and cheese dinners. With very little time and effort, you’ve added a serving of green vegetables to one of kids’ favorite meals!

Chef Marshall Smoothies

Strawberry & Banana Fruit Smoothie – Perfect Snack for Hungry Students

This fruit-smoothie is easy snack for students ready to study or jump in to an after-school activity.


Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Craving a sweet snack? Consider the natural sweetness of fruit.  In addition to natural sweetness, fruit provides a great source of nutrients. Fresh strawberries over vanilla yogurt, for example, can satisfy the sweet tooth as much as ice cream!


Replace a caffeinated pick-me up with a healthy apple…

There are some rumors that an apple has just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The truth is, apples contain no caffeine (great post here on HOWEVER given the high level of natural sugar they contain, apples are a very healthy alternative to caffeine, and a great afternoon pick-me-up. For an added bonus, […]


VIDEO: Delicious Foods at Arms Reach

Have healthy foods within arms reach, whether on the counter or in the refrigerator. For your refrigerator, you can easily take 15 minutes to cut up a bunch fruits and veggies and put them in containers ready to grab and go. Studies show that whatever is in eye sight and arms reach will have greater […]


VIDEO: Eat Slow, Mindful Eating

Become a "mindful" eater. Next time you have a meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, take at least 20 minutes to eat it. Be in the moment and actually notice what you're eating. This way, you will allow sufficient time for your brain to register you just at food. Chances are you'll notice sooner […]


VIDEO: Sources for Calcium

As a growing person it is important to get the necessary amounts of calcium in your diet and dairy products are a one source for calcium. But did you know that you can also get calcium from numerous non-dairy sources including collard greens, kale, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and beans.   Source:

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