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herb crusted lamb chops chef marshall o'brien

Herb crusted lamb chops

  Cook these rare to medium rare for perfect lamb. Whether dressed  up or  simply with  salt and pepper, these will be wonderful  for an evening BBQ with friends and fantastic food.  Don't be shy with the herbs and garlic as a lot of it will fall off when grilling.   Serves 6   Ingredients: [...]

chicken feta salad chef marshall o'brien

Recipe: Chicken Feta Quinoa

This dish can be elaborate or be packed up for an easy on the go meal. Packed with flavor, and color, try substituting the quinoa with brown rice, or switching up the fresh herbs. Enjoy! Serves 4 Ingredients:    1 cup Quinoa 2 cups water or broth/stock of choice 12 oz chicken, cooked, chopped 1/2 [...]

Asparagus Garlic Spaghetti

Recipe: Asparagus Garlic Spaghetti

A healthy twist on a home-cooked favortie! Asparagus and whole-grain pasta, and it’s delicious as ever.

homemade tomato sauce

Recipe: Homemade Tomato Sauce

I got a box of amazing tomatoes from our CSA, Loon Organics, this past weekend, and wow! They are so delicious. I decided to make a basic tomato sauce with the majority of them. This sauce can be a base for all sorts of things from soups, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce.  The same night I [...]

frosty banana pops

Recipe:Frosty Banana Pops

To satiate sweet-craving kiddos, ditch the sugary, processed candy and serve nature’s candy as a healthy alternative, like these frozen banana pops.

Garlicy Basil Zucchini_Chef Marshall Obrien

Recipe: Garlicy Basil Zucchini…Bring on the greens!

You can maybe tell that I'm on a bit of a Basil kick, lately. It's summer and I have beautiful green vegetables coming out of my garden.  What better way to get a nutritious, delicious side dish than pack that flavor with some fresh zucchini?  That combination inspired this dish that I made for my [...]

Fresh Basil from Chef Marshall's Garden

Recipe: Basil and Pesto…Perfect for snacks and recipes!

Here's a simple pesto recipe using fresh basil. (I grow mine, but you can also pick it up at your local market.)   makes 2 cups                                                  2 1/2 cups Fresh Basil, [...]

Chef Marshall O'Brien Grilled Tomato Sandwich

Recipe: Grilled Tomato Sandwich

A delicious twist on the typical tomato sandwich.

Chef Marshall O'Brien Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Recipe: Vietnamese Noodle Salad

This was an awesome meal if you like Vietnamese cuisine. Too bad I didn't remember to take a photo until we had about four bites remaining, but you get the idea! Ingredients:  2 cups, salad  greens, rough chop (chard, lettuce, mild greens) 3 tablespoons fresh cilantro, rough chop 3 tablespoons fresh basil, rough chop 4 [...]


Father’s Day Grill Recipe: Grilled Turkey Sandwich

Looking for something delicious and a little out of the ordinary to grill up for Father’s Day? Dads and families alike will enjoy my Grilled Turkey Sandwhich (hey – I’m a dad, so I should know, right?). Pair this with my Kalamata Quinoa salad and enjoy!

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