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frosty banana pops

Recipe:Frosty Banana Pops

To satiate sweet-craving kiddos, ditch the sugary, processed candy and serve nature’s candy as a healthy alternative, like these frozen banana pops.

Fresh Basil from Chef Marshall's Garden

Recipe: Basil and Pesto…Perfect for snacks and recipes!

Here's a simple pesto recipe using fresh basil. (I grow mine, but you can also pick it up at your local market.)   makes 2 cups                                                  2 1/2 cups Fresh Basil, […]

Chef Marshall O'Brien Grilled Tomato Sandwich

Recipe: Grilled Tomato Sandwich

A delicious twist on the typical tomato sandwich.

Chef Marshall O'Brien Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Recipe: Vietnamese Noodle Salad

This was an awesome meal if you like Vietnamese cuisine. Too bad I didn't remember to take a photo until we had about four bites remaining, but you get the idea! Ingredients:  2 cups, salad  greens, rough chop (chard, lettuce, mild greens) 3 tablespoons fresh cilantro, rough chop 3 tablespoons fresh basil, rough chop 4 […]


Father’s Day Grill Recipe: Grilled Turkey Sandwich

Looking for something delicious and a little out of the ordinary to grill up for Father’s Day? Dads and families alike will enjoy my Grilled Turkey Sandwhich (hey – I’m a dad, so I should know, right?). Pair this with my Kalamata Quinoa salad and enjoy!


Recipe: Spicy Butter Nut Squash Soup

makes 1 gallon 4 oz butter 1 lb. onions, small dice 8 oz carrots, peeled and diced 5 lbs. butter nut squash, peeled, seeds removed and diced 1 T cumin 1 T chili powder 1 T tumeric 1/4 C brown sugar 1/4 tsp ceyanne pepper 1/4 tsp sambal chili sauce 5 qt. vegetable broth salt […]

Chef Marshall Smoothies

Strawberry & Banana Fruit Smoothie – Perfect Snack for Hungry Students

This fruit-smoothie is easy snack for students ready to study or jump in to an after-school activity.

Zesty Potato Poppers

Recipe: Zesty Creamy Potato Poppers

If you want an appetizer that's very easy to make with a lot of flavor, then this is for you. Make your own guacamole and salsa, or use pre-made if you're in a pinch. The potatoes can be cooked a few days in advance as well. Serves: 4 Preparation Time: 30 min or less Ingredients: […]

Homemade Apple Orange Juice

Recipe: Homemade Apple Orange Juice

Here's an easy way to get kids to eat fruits and veggies – zip them into juice! This way you know what you're putting into your kids bodies, and they get to be part of the fun. It's a win – win. Serves 2 adults/4 kids Ingredients: 1/2 red apple 1 inch (approx) piece cucumber, […]

Guacamole Hummus Chicken Wraps Chef Marshall O'Brien

Recipe: Guacamole Hummus Chicken Wraps

Serves 4     Preparation Time: 15 minutes     Ingredients:              4 whole-wheat tortilla wraps         8 Tablespoons hummus         3/4  Roasted red pepper, cut into strips         1/2 Cup (or to taste) sweet onion, sliced         1 cup chopped spinach         8 Tbsp. salsa         16 […]

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