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  • Fox9 Buzz – Refreshing Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes with Chef’s TV friends Alix Kendall and Meteorologist Keith Marler on Fox 9 Enjoy – Add these recipes into your Thanksgiving traditions, people will love them! https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/fennel-citrus-pomegranate…/ https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/balsamic-roasted-vegetabl…/ https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/sweet-roasted-brussels-sp…/ #realfood #thanksgivingrecipes #healthyliving #glutenfree #vegan #dairy #everything

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  • ARTICLE: Local Chef/Trainer Teaches Value of Cooking

    Written by Nancy Weingartner @Food Service News http://www.foodservicenews.net/October-2019/Local-Chef-Trainer-Teaches-Value-of-Cooking/ October 2019 Chef Marshall O’Brien doesn’t just tell people how to eat better, he shows them with his pots and pans. “All day meetings can be dry; (plus) it’s hard to sit all day, and one way leadership makes it enjoyable is to have Marshall come in. […]

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  • Fox9 Buzz – Mediterranean Spices

    ICYMI: In July Chef Marshall was on his favorite morning show Fox 9 Morning Buzz with superstar tv anchor Kelly O’Connell TV talking about his family vacation in Southern Turkey. He shared some tasty spice blends and how easy they are to use and make your food taste fantastic. If you want more help in your kitchen and in […]

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  • Fox9 Buzz – Easy Grilling

    Chef featured some great grilling recipes during his recent Fox 9 segment with meteorologist buddy Keith Marler https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/grilled-steak-and-red-oni…/https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/grilled-steak-with-caper-…/ https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/sauteed-shrimp-spinach-sa…/  

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  • Fox9 Buzz- Stress Reducing Foods

    WATCH: In honor of tax season in the US, Chef Marshall shared some quick and easy recipes that will HELP you reduce stress, not add to it. https://chefmarshallobrien.com/rec…/sheet-pan-greek-chicken/ https://chefmarshallobrien.com/…/salmon-with-pineapple-man…/ https://chefmarshallobrien.com/r…/dark-chocolate-yogurt-dip/