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Choose Your Proteins Wisely

Protein is an important and necessary part of your diet, but it’s important to choose lean proteins such as skinless poultry, fish, beans, soy products, eggs and lentils. Keep red meat to a minimum.

Chopped Spinach

Add Some Green to Mac And Cheese

Add chopped spinach or steamed broccoli to boxed macaroni and cheese dinners. With very little time and effort, you’ve added a serving of green vegetables to one of kids’ favorite meals!


Pizza For Dinner? Pile on the Veggies.

The choice to eat pizza can, in fact, be a healthy one. Whether you cook it at home or do take out, load that pie up with your favorite vegetables and enjoy!


Supersize is Not Your Friend

It's tempting to take the "value" or "super" size, but the truth is, these portions are far bigger than what your body really needs. If you eat healthy portion sizes on a regular basis, your body will be satisfied. It's the brain that tells us we want more, not our stomach.   


Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Craving a sweet snack? Consider the natural sweetness of fruit.  In addition to natural sweetness, fruit provides a great source of nutrients. Fresh strawberries over vanilla yogurt, for example, can satisfy the sweet tooth as much as ice cream!


VIDEO: Plan Your Meals For The Week

Plan your meals for the week. As a busy college student two benefits are: you'll be less in a rush at meal time so you can enjoy, second you'll less likely make unhealthy choices like fast food because you planned ahead.


VIDEO: Eat Slow, Mindful Eating

Become a "mindful" eater. Next time you have a meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, take at least 20 minutes to eat it. Be in the moment and actually notice what you're eating. This way, you will allow sufficient time for your brain to register you just at food. Chances are you'll notice sooner […]


VIDEO: Don’t Overcook Foods

Make sure you don't overcook you food as you can lose many of the healthful nutrients that the foods contain and also your food just won't taste as good and the texture may be mushy or too tough. So don't overcook your food.


VIDEO: Sources for Calcium

As a growing person it is important to get the necessary amounts of calcium in your diet and dairy products are a one source for calcium. But did you know that you can also get calcium from numerous non-dairy sources including collard greens, kale, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and beans.   Source:


VIDEO: Drink Water

Water is vital to your health because it keeps your bodily systems and functions in balance. Drinking enough water every day helps your body regulate its temperature, and allows your cells and organs to operate to their fullest capacity. Water is always the best option but any fluid low in sugar is a good alternative.

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