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  • Boost Your Mood with Food

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    In Minnesota during the winter months, the cold and lack of sunshine contribute to low moods, and the more extreme condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is more common than we realize. The good news is that eating the right foods will help lift our emotions and our moods. Here are some of […]

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  • Understanding Healthy oils


    I get asked all the time “what are the best oils for cooking and for smart nutrition?” After decades of following low-fat diets, many people don’t realize how essential dietary fat is for overall health, well-being and delicious-tasting food. Healthy fats help you absorb essential vitamins and phytonutrients, help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, […]

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  • The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners

    A can of sugar being poured into a glass

    Humans are hard-wired to like sweet-tasting foods and beverages. The average American consumes more than 80 grams (20 teaspoons) of sugar every day, far exceeding the World Health Organization recommendations (24 grams/day for women and 36 grams/day for men). As more people recognize the negative consequences of sugar, many look to artificial sweeteners to reduce […]