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A Conversation with Minnesota Health Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger

  Recently Chef Marshall appeared on “A Public Health Journal” with Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Minnesota Commissioner or Health, to discuss their shared goal of improving the health of Minnesotans. It is important to send a consistent message about smart nutrition, and doing so by using a community-wide approach to wellness will have a greater impact, at […]


Community Ed Events

Because of the popularity we’re having in the corporate world with our Smart Eating for Well-Being seminars, we’re now bringing these to Community Education! Classes are starting this spring in Jordan and St Louis Park. To join Chef Marshall at any of his upcoming events, please visit the links below. We hope to see you there! […]


Are Store-Bought Toddler Foods a Good Thing?

Do you think packaged meals are a good choice for children? Think again. A Centers for Disease Control study of commercial foods released this month reports that more than seven in ten packaged meals for toddlers and young children have too much sodium and more than a third of cereal bars and breakfast pastries contain […]

Festive table setting for Valentine Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Your Way

For Valentine’s Day, people often exchange cards, gifts and flowers with their special “someone.” What will you do this year? Unfortunately, if you want to go out for dinner, many restaurants narrow their menu selections and increase their prices substantially. It can be stressful to get a reservation, show up on time and hope that […]


Which Yogurt is Right For You?

Did you know that almost 70% of your immune system is located in your gut? That’s right. Trillions of friendly bacteria, called probiotics, are at work strengthening your immune system. Keeping those good bacteria working properly promotes better digestion and gives you an edge in fighting infection. Yogurt is a natural go-to food to help […]

game day

Game Day Snacks

  Whether you are watching the game at home or are heading to a friend’s or family member’s home, you are going to want plenty of tasty snacks. The Big Game party is one of those times when most of us waver from our usual diets and consume more rich, high calorie foods in just […]


Banana Chocolate Smoothie with Flax Seed

Banana Chocolate Smoothie with Flax Seed Serves up to 4 Ingredients: 2 large bananas, about 2 cups 1 cup plain, full-fat, Greek yogurt 1 1/2 cups milk, or kefir or other milk substitute 1/2 cup coconut milk, optional 2 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 4 tablespoons ground flax seed 6 ice cubes   […]


Breakfast Matters

Do you want to have consistent energy and stable moods throughout your day? Eat breakfast! All meals are important, but we sometimes prioritize our meals based on time and convenience and skip breakfast due to the morning rush. However, studies have shown people who eat breakfast regularly have more consistent energy and are less likely […]

Shopping Cart With Fruit Vegetable Food In Supermarket

The Power of Choice

Smart nutrition starts with smart choices in the grocery store. You have the power to decide which foods to buy. You have probably heard that you should “shop the perimeter of the store.” What does that really mean? It means you should shop there first because that is where the fresh foods are found. Think […]

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A Great New Years Resolution

A Great New Year’s Resolution: Eat Less Sugar   Sugar. Everyone is talking about it as one of the main culprits in our healthcare crisis. What’s so amazing about sugar is how it can affect how you look and feel. It contributes to tooth decay and obesity. Do you want a stronger immune system? Less […]

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