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foods to stress reduce chef marshall obrien

Foods to Reduce Stress

Thanks for tuning in today. Below are the take aways and recipes mentioned about foods to help reduce stress.  KMSP-TV   Lean protein, especially turkey. Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan which we always hear makes us sleepy, but in reality tryptophan is a calming amino acid that serves as the building block for serotonin—our feel [...]

comfort soups chef marshall o'brien fox9 tv

Perfect Comfort Soups for Winter

Thanks for tuning in today. Enjoy the soup recipes, and check out my recipe section for more easy and delicious soups!  KMSP-TV   Pureed Turnip Soup Serves  12  Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons butter  2 lbs turnips, peeled, medium dice  3/4 lbs onions, medium dice  1/8 cup fresh garlic (jarred is fine), minced  ½ teaspoon basil, dried [...]

chef marshall o'brien fox9

Holiday Celebration

Thanks for tuning in today! Below are the recipes featured, enjoy! KMSP-TV   Pesto Swirls Makes 16 pieces Ingredients: 1 puff pastry sheet ¾ cup pesto, premade or use recipe here 8 ounce fresh mozzarella, sliced 1 cup red peppers, roasted, chopped (jarred works fine) Parmesan cheese for sprinkling on top Directions: Thaw pastry sheet [...]

slow cooker meals chef marshall o'brien fox tv

Slow Cooker Meals

Thanks for tuning in today! Below are the crock pot/slow cooker recipes featured, enjoy! KMSP-TV Crock Pot Lasagna Serves 8 Preparation Time: 20 Minutes  Cook Time: 6-8  hours (overnight) Ingredients: 2 Tbsp. olive oil 2 cups mushrooms, sliced 1 cup green bell pepper, seeded, chopped 1 cup yellow onion, finely chopped 3 cups spinach, loosely [...]

seasonal produce Chef Marshal O'Brien Fox9 tv

Seasonal Foods

Thanks for tuning in today, another fun segment. Here's the recipes and more information below. To learn about Loon Organics visit    To purchase local produce from Loon Organics at the Mill City Farmers Market on Saturdays, visit here   KMSP-TV   Below are some typical produce available based on the season in [...]

chef marshall o'brien fox9 tv brunch recipes

Simple Succulent Sunday Brunch ideas

Thanks for tuning in today, another fun segment. Here's the recipes below. I'll post the omelet directions shortly. Enjoy! KMSP-TV   Italian Egg Boat Serves 8 Ingredients: 1 loaf hard crusted artisian bread  1 lb. italian sausage, cooked, cooled, cut into bite size pieces 10 eggs, whisked 3/4 cup milk 1 cup mozzarella cheese, grated 3 [...]

nigel-holmes Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Chew on this: Can you guess which animal was consumed the most for food worldwide? Check out this crazy infograhic courtesy of Nigel Holmes.  If you still don’t know about infographics they are currently all the rage. However they were introduced 50 years ago!

classroom courtesy

Lunch as a Classroom is One Solution

I wrote this for Food Service News this spring. Stay tuned for more thought leadership pieces… Lunch as a Classroom is One Solution to the Child Nutrition Problem in America Today We have all heard about the changes in school lunches that have led to complaints and boycotts. Why is this happening? The new U.S. [...]


Kids are more receptive to new foods than parents think they are

I bet you didn’t realize how broad your student’s taste buds can be. This school year the Jordan nutrition staff used over 60 delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices from various locally grown apples to water chest nuts for school lunch! We’ll continue to expand your student’s taste buds because food is fun and we [...]

fox9 tv chef marshall o'brien

Graduation Celebration

Fun segment today, thank you for tuning into the Fox9 morning show. KMSP-TV  Here's some photos for assembling the watermelon basket: Give it a try to prepare some colorful, vibrant, and fun graduation foods that are delicious and nutritious. Keep it simple, and make it all the day before. Little kids can help with scooping the melon and [...]

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