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Warming Foods

Warming Foods Stay warm this winter by choosing foods that heat your body from the inside. Foods like soups and stews are not only nourishing and hearty, but they also provide penetrating warmth that will keep you cozy during the frosty months ahead. When you make them “from scratch” without preservatives and unnecessary filler ingredients, […]


Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year just around the corner, another holiday season is almost over. If you are the typical American, you went to a lot of parties and family functions, had fun but ate too much, and put on 3-5 extra pounds. You will wake up New Year’s Day and set lofty goals to make […]


Surviving the Holiday Season

The holidays are definitely here, and there’s a lot of celebrating to do – at home, with friends, at work, at church, all over the place. We, at the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group, are getting full just thinking about it all!   For me, Chef Marshall, the holidays are a great way to reconnect with […]


Culinary Delights of Istanbul

My family and I took some time off in Istanbul with the in-laws and relaxed, as much as one can with two active kids.  One of my highlights, as usual, was enjoying all the amazing flavors and foods Turkey offers its residents and tourists.  I’ve been there about a dozen times now, and every time […]


Rethinking Treats for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. Kids love Halloween for the costumes, decorations, parties and, of course, the candy. Adults enjoy seeing their precious little ones transformed into their favorite characters and seeing the smiles on their faces. Many parents, however, struggle with how to handle all the candy that surrounds this holiday. It’s not just about […]


Minnesota Recreation and Parks Conference

Hi, thanks for attending Chef Marshall's presentation, Using Nutrition in Youth Sports to Improve Safety and Fun. Below you'll find links for the Powerpoint and more: Presentation PowerpointYouth Sports 10-8-14 v2 Youth Sports Nutrition program – Why & How handout CHEF Youth Sports 032014 High School Sports Nutrition program CHEF Sports Nutrition PRINT 020114 Video: British Study – […]


Start the day off right with Breakfast

Thanks for tuning in today!  If you want to have the best start to your day, do it with a nourishing tasty breakfast.  These taste great with slow carbohydrates so they'll give you consistent energy to minimize those mid morning energy drops. And these recipes are easy to make, enjoy! Farina with Apples & Pecans Chorizo […]


Community Education Conference information

Hi, thanks for attending Chef Marshall's presentation on Kids in the Kitchen: Teaching a New Generation To Cook. Use this information as you wish, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us at 612-460-5342 or email us! Power Point: PowerPoint com ed 10-2-15 kids in kitchen Certificate Example: Certificate of Achievement Junior Master Chef 01-06-2015 […]

Ayla and Marshall

The Power of Parents

I’m a Dad, but I’m only four years into this adventure, and I still have a lot to learn. I do know, from all my experience working with schools and child care, that parents have power–lots of power that some of us don’t truly recognize. Honestly, it’s kind of overwhelming to think about it! Everything I do or […]

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Easy Silk-Free Corn on the Cob

This method keeps your kitchen cool and saves you from having to painstakingly remove the corn silk.  Ingredients: Fresh corn on the cob, in the husk Butter (optional) Salt (optional) Directions: Place corn, with husks still on, in the microwave. Cook on high: 1 ear 2-4 minutes, 2 ears 6-8 minutes, etc. It varies, depending […]

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