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We are not just about sustaining you—we are about nourishing you to lead a happier, healthier life.

Cities & Community Organizations

We are working with cities to improve performance and safety by developing special nutrition and hydration programs for firefighters, police and public works staff. We are also helping other community partners, like the YMCA and youth sports leagues, to train their members to make smart nutrition choices.

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Schools & Child Care Facilities

Let us help you transform meal time into learning time for your school or child care facility. We help child care kids learn to like the foods that are best for them, and at school we help develop meals that taste great, help improve behavior in the classroom and even raise test scores! We can help you increase your participation rates, too.

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Corporate Wellness

It has been proven that healthy workers not only perform better, but also enjoy greater job satisfaction and more satisfying lives outside the workplace. But most employees need motivation to change their habits and lifestyle. Our Smart Eating for Well-Being program supplies that motivation by demonstrating the lasting benefits of eating foods that increase energy or improve the immune system or foods that reduce stress or inflammation. Making the right nutrition choices will help your employees lead happier and more productive lives.

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